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Overcoming addiction requires the right method of treatment, and professional addiction treatment is one of the best ways to get the help that you need to achieve and maintain sobriety. Addiction recovery is a process that is best accomplished with trained staff. They’ll make it possible for you to detox safely and comfortably, and they’ll help you develop the skills necessary to maintain employment and reconnect with healthy accountability and support from family and friends.

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Detox and Inpatient Drug Rehab

Substance abuse treatment is tailored to teens and adults who are suffering from substance use or who have relapsed. Trained and experienced staff have the resources and the best tools for you to begin your recovery. This begins with an initial assessment to determine the best Charlotte substance abuse facility for your needs. This process is quick and easy, and we will take the time to work with you and ensure that you fully understand your options before we recommend a course of action.

The initial drug detox will depend on the type of substance and the length of use, and the process may take a few days or up to two weeks. You will be kept comfortable during the detoxification process and will be overseen by medical professionals who are committed to your safety and recovery. The trained in-house medical staff will monitor your progress and will check your heart rate, temperature and blood pressure to catch and treat and complications that could occur. Detoxing can be a complicated endeavor and shouldn’t be completed without medical supervision.

Detoxing in a drug rehabilitation inpatient facility is the safest and most efficient method for you when you stop drug or alcohol use. Some uncomfortable side effects are associated with most detoxes, and they can begin within a few hours after you stop using the drug. Side effects such as mood changes, anxiety, fatigue, depression and muscle pain may be experienced. Medication is a provided for relief from discomfort and suffering, depending on the type of substance withdrawal.

FDA-approved prescription drugs will be provided if the doctor feels that they will give you relief and reduce upsetting side effects that typically develop during the withdrawal period. Medications for an addiction to opiates and similar drugs may include options such as antidepressants, Subutex, methadone and Zubsolv. Some of these drugs can target symptoms while others trick your body into believing that it is getting the drug it craves without the high.

Psychiatric care will be available along with medical staff assistance and oversight. You will be treated during this time with patience and respect. Detoxing is not something you should face alone. Detoxing without professional supervision often leads to relapse and could involve physical and emotional complications.

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What to Expect in Addiction Recovery and the Next Step

After the period of supervised detox, you will be ready for the next phase of your recovery. If you are enrolled in an inpatient drug rehabilitation in Charlotte, you will live full-time at the recovery facility while you receive exceptional care and assistance. Your care will be overseen by a professional team that includes counselors and a medical doctor and psychiatrist.

Being monitored by a psychiatrist is important because a substance use disorder can often be connected to a mental health disorder. This is called a dual-diagnosis. Studies have found a strong correlation between habitual drug use and other mental health disorders. One doesn’t necessarily cause the other, but mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression can alter the way that your brain processes drugs and can exacerbate an addiction when left untreated. If you have a dual diagnosis, also called a comorbid diagnosis, being in an inpatient facility and having both issues treated simultaneously is the best scenario.

If you feel that this may describe what you are experiencing, please contact our Charlotte addiction treatment specialists today at (877) 261-7545 to get started on your road to recovery. This is the life-changing support that can set you on a path toward reclaiming the dreams and goals that were pushed aside due to your drug use.

Charlotte Addiction Treatment Itinerary

Individuals typically reside at an inpatient treatment facility for 30, 60 or 90 days. The itinerary commonly includes stress-coping skill training, group therapy sessions, individual behavioral therapy, family counseling to restore possibly damaged or broken relationships and personal counseling.

Specialized training sessions may be facilitated that target specific issues such as anger, grief and stress management. You will learn healthy ways to deal with these triggers without relapsing or returning to drug use. Yoga, meditation, exercise and other coping skills will be taught, practiced and carried forward into your daily life after you complete the substance abuse treatment in Charlotte. Alternative therapy may be provided including art or music therapy, neurofeedback and equine therapy. Approximately one-third of individuals who experience treatment continue to remain drug-free one year later. The skills and tools that you will receive in rehab are life changing and self-empowering.

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Aftercare and Sober Living Homes

After you have completed substance abuse treatment, you will be provided with continued resources, and if necessary, you may reside in a sober living home for a designated period of time. A sober living home is designed to help recovering individuals reconnect with the world around them by providing housing and assistance while finding stable employment. Sober living includes accountability and support groups.

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