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What Is Drug Detox?

While there are many Charlotte drug detox facilities, it’s absolutely essential to find the right one for your needs. Just like with anything, you must ensure that the drug rehab facility you choose is a good fit for you and vice versa. In order to overcome a substance use disorder, it’s important that you are diligent and dedicated to your recovery. Drugs can literally change both your mind and body, so it can be difficult to keep track of all the information available about various rehab centers and types of help you can get to curb your addiction. It is for this reason that we are here: to assist you with getting started on the road toward recovery.

Once you settle on a particular detox facility, you will undergo an initial evaluation and maybe even clinical testing. The staff will question you about your drug usage, the types of substances you have ingested and the severity of your addiction. You will also be asked about any other possible coexisting physical or mental medical conditions you may have and your current living situation.

Ideally, the type of detox program you enroll in should be tailored to suit your personal needs based on all the information you provide. It’s important to keep in mind that no single detox program is necessarily a good fit for everyone.

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Types of Drug Detox Treatment

There are many available Charlotte drug detox choices out there. One of the most common is a medicated detox program used to eliminate all traces of drugs from your system. Think of it as a cleansing of sorts. Maintenance medication is administered by professional staff in a fully supervised environment. This is done to ease the symptoms of withdrawal you will go through, and it’s traditionally used for addictions to substances like heroin and prescription drugs like opiates.

The detoxification process can adversely affect you in a number of ways, although it is generally safe when under supervision. However, you may experience some other side effects such as insomnia. If that occurs, you will be given a non-addictive medication that can help you sleep. This option can also be helpful in lessening the severity of withdrawal, making your journey toward becoming clean considerably easier.

There are two chief types of detox that are commonly used: inpatient drug detox and outpatient drug detox. Any good drug abuse treatment program will include one or both of these options. If your addiction is particularly severe, you may benefit from both kinds.

During inpatient treatment, you stay at a rehab facility on a daily basis and live there. There is a variety of helpful programs within inpatient treatment that can help you come to terms with your addiction and get to the root of how it started. Living in an inpatient facility also helps eliminate stress and the temptation to start using again. It is commonly recommended for anyone who has received a dual diagnosis of having a substance use disorder as well as a coexisting medical or mental health condition. Inpatient treatment can be completed in a hospital or another similar facility. This type of care will provide you with immediate access to medical staff and services as well as supervision by health care professionals.

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How to Find the Best Treatment Program

You have many options when it comes to choosing a drug addiction recovery program in Charlotte.

In order to choose the right one, you will want to ask certain questions first, such as:

  • What type of treatment will be offered?
  • Is the staff certified in drug detox?
  • What type of establishment is it – a medical detox institute, drug rehab facility or sober living center?
  • What is the facility’s long-term recovery success rate?

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What Kind of Medications Are Used During Detoxification?

Before undergoing the actual detox process, you doubtlessly want to know what you should expect. That includes being aware of the kinds of medications that are used during detoxification since you will be consuming them.

The following drugs are the ones most commonly used:

  • Methadone – This medication is frequently used to wean those who are addicted off substances such as heroin or prescription medications like painkillers. The amount that you are given is reduced gradually over time so that you can overcome your addiction.
  • Buprenorphine – This drug is another option for detoxing from substances like heroin or opioids. It is often preferable to methadone because it doesn’t give you that feeling of being high. The dosage is gradually reduced over time.
  • Benzodiazepines – These anti-anxiety drugs can help ease the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and lessen the depression or anxiety that can result with the detox process.
  • Barbiturates – These mild sedatives can help combat discomfort and anxiety during the detox process. They are also effective at reducing the risk of seizures.

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Seek Help Immediately

As soon as you recognize you have a serious drug program, you are already on the path toward wellness. Acknowledging your addiction is the first important step to getting better. Once you have all the information you need, you can move even further toward sobriety by finding the right drug detox program for you.

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