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No one wants to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Even when someone starts to take these substances for recreational purposes, it’s not because they yearn to be dependent on them in the future. Some convince themselves that they simply can’t become addicted. The same is true for people who become addicted to prescription medications. Before addiction sets in, users will often convince themselves that a small increase in dosage won’t really change anything.

Once you have become addicted, the only way to relieve this addiction is through treatment, such as Charlotte inpatient drug rehab. Though substance abuse and addiction don’t often begin in an attempt to become dependent, continual drug usage creates changes in the brain that increase cravings and decrease self-control.

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What Is Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment?

One of your options for rehabilitation is inpatient substance abuse treatment. This type of addiction treatment is known to be among the most comprehensive because it provides recovering patients with one centralized location. They remain in this facility for their entire recovery process, from the beginning phase of detoxification to the behavioral therapies that continue until the cravings dissipate entirely. While outpatient treatment gives you the ability to attend treatment while still going to work and school, inpatient treatment tasks you with staying in a residential facility for a period that can last anywhere from 28 days to over a year if that’s what you need. You’ll stay in this facility on a 24/7 basis.

You want to get to a point where you understand how you became addicted, why this addiction was damaging to you, and how to live a substance-free life. The length of this process differs for each person. While there’s no way to determine how long it will take for you to recover from your addiction, one of the primary factors that can dictate how long it takes is the severity of your addiction. The more severe your addiction, the longer it will typically take for you to progress toward recovery. It’s also important to understand that inpatient drug rehab in Charlotte can’t completely heal your addiction.

Many people don’t realize that drug addiction is actually a chronic disease, which means that some aspects of the disease can never go away entirely. However, you can get to the point where you no longer feel the need to use drugs or even think of using drugs. Since addiction is a chronic disease, there are times when you will experience cravings for the drug. With continued treatment and therapy following drug rehab, avoiding relapse is definitely a possibility.

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What to Expect During Charlotte Inpatient Drug Rehab

When you first enter into a Charlotte inpatient drug rehab you’ll go through a process known as medical detoxification. This process is designed to get you ready to progress through all other forms of treatment. Detoxification allows you to rid your body of the substance that you crave in a safe and an efficient manner. Throughout this treatment, you’ll be provided with a medication that will dramatically reduce the effects of your withdrawal symptoms.

If you attempted to stop taking this drug by yourself and without any medical assistance, you would likely experience very severe withdrawal symptoms accompanied by substantial amounts of pain. These symptoms would likely increase your cravings for the drug and cause you to relapse, which is why it’s so difficult to stop using drugs. Through medical detox, you’re able to wean yourself off the drug in question. Once the drug has been fully eliminated from your body, you’ll be able to move on to other forms of treatment, such as behavioral therapy.

The therapies you go through make up the bulk of your treatment and are designed to help you through many of the issues that caused you to abuse drugs in the first place. The primary behavioral therapies available during inpatient rehabilitation include group counseling and individual therapy. Group counseling is designed to provide you with the support you need to progress through recovery via people who are going through the same problems that you are. Individual therapy focuses more on the reasons why you became addicted and what will help you break the cycle. Eventually, you will be able to start going days, weeks, and even months without thinking of using a drug again.

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Advantages of Inpatient Treatment

The advantages of seeking inpatient addiction treatment are numerous. Inpatient rehab places you in an entirely new environment that can better facilitate your recovery. You’ll also be provided with medical supervision on a 24/7 basis, allowing you to get the help you need in the event that a withdrawal symptom becomes too much to handle. Throughout treatment, you’ll be in a facility with other individuals who are going through the same addiction issues that you are. These people will assist you through recovery.

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How to Select a Treatment Center

Finding the right treatment center for your addiction is easier than you might think. You want to choose a facility that’s reputable and that’s built to facilitate recovery from your specific addiction. Call our substance abuse specialists today so that we can help you sort through these options.

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